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Pomeranian spitz
Pomeranian female
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Dogs breed Pomeranian and Pug in kennel Darikar.

Welcome to the kennel site Darikar. Our kennel is located in Ukraine in Dnepropetrovsk and registered in FCI. In the kennel "Darikar" is now spent breeding work with dogs of two breeds: Pug and Pomeranian. Our first purebred dogs appeared in in 1979 and over the years gained experience allows us to achieve good results in the breeding and rearing of dogs. The main task of the nursery is to get the highest quality puppies under the requirements of the FCI standard. All puppies received in our kennel are registered and have documents of international organization FCI. On the site you will find detailed information about our pets, as well as articles in which we share our knowledge and experience.
Pomeranian   puppy pug


Pomeranian dogs are miniature breeds, producing people who love animals a special experience. So was with us. The first photo of the dog breed Pomeranian we saw in foreign magazines. The decision to purchase a puppy was accepted and we started searching for breeders who breed dogs breed Pomeranian. With first day "DARIKAR" kennel base, we have set ourselves the highest possible requirements in the acquisition of breeding animals. Much work on the collection and systematization of information has been carried out, the result of which was to select a small group of nurseries meet our requirements. Read more.. In Darikar kennel first pug appeared in 1996. We really liked the small, with a sense of self-worth dogs. Very precisely breed pug described in the FCI standard number 253. The main idea implicit in the development of this breed, it is - small Molossian. Breed, well developed pug explicitly square and chunky, as it were, "A lot in a small." pug body expressed in a compact format, good proportions and well developed muscles. Most pugs owners describe them as very charming, noble and intelligent. Read more..
Pomeranian   Pomeranian puppy
Pomeranian male
Pomeranian females pomeranian puppy
Possible colors Pomeranian in Darikar kennel.
pomeranian cream   pomeranian kennel Darikar.

Cream in color Pomeranian is not common and has a large color range. So experts describe the cream color in the range of cold cream to the warm cream. This means that the cream-colored Pomeranian can be from almost white to pale red, the so-called "light orang". This picture shows a Pomeranian cream color Darikar Olimpus at the age of 10 months. He is a typical representative of the cream-colored, about the middle of the color range. Puppies are born with white color and the first signs of cream color can be seen at the age of 3 - 4 weeks.

Orange color is the most common among the Pomeranian. All dogs from light orange / light orange / red and to dark, almost red / red / orange colors are called. Just refer to the color to orange and the fox, the so-called Podlas color. Individuals of this color can be as darkened face, the so-called mask, and light hair on the face like the color of the housing. This picture shows a Pomeranian spitz in classic bright red color Darikar Pie Pie at the age of 10 months.

Pomeranian orange&sable. White pomeranian
Orange sable

Orange sable also widespread in the breed Pomeranian. Puppies are born this color is very dark, sometimes coat color may be similar to the color of the wolf, but by 2 - 3 months greatly lightened, and a 7 - 8 months acquire color adults. Orange sable color also has a wide range of shades, from light orange with a small amount of black wool, to dark red color highlights and a large number of dark fur covering the top line and the side of the dog. The photograph Darikar Indigo at the age of 6.5 months.

The color white Pomeranian is becoming popular in recent years. Like red, white color also has several types and it is caused by hereditary factors. The color white has three types: pure white - not an albino, these dogs have a pigmented lobe of the nose and mucous membranes of the mouth, white with small colored spots and white with cream tint at the ends wool. Just white dogs have different shades of the nose. This is caused by a different set of genes. The white dog with a black nose, lips, eyelids and dark eyes are carriers of the allele B-. White dog with a brown nose are carriers of the allele - bb.

Pomeranian Pomeranian Pomeranian


Pomeranian Ch Darikar Pie Pie
Pomeranian Ch Starpom Zest Selection

Pomeranian Darikar Oriole
Pomeranian FCI-CACIB Kiev Ukraine Darikar Temptation - CAC, CACIB, BOS
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24.06.2016 Moscow, Speciality in World Dog Show 2016. Our superstar Darikar Tempetation, aka Tirana in open class takes the 3rd place!
23.06.2016, Moscow, WDS 2016.
Our Darikar Temtation entered in the open class in the six of the best dogs!
05.06.2016. Dnepr CACIB.
In order to prepare for the World Cup using exhibitions held in Dnipropetrovsk. Training was successful - CAC, CACIB, BOS.
23.04.2016.Kiev, CACIB. Darikar
Kontralto - CAC, CACIB, BOS
23.04.2016. Kiev, CACIB. Darikar Temptation - CAC
20.03.2016 Uzgorod 2016 CACIB
- Darikar Temptation - CAC, CACIB, BOB
19.03 2016 Uzgorod 2016 CACIB . Darikar Temptation - CAC, CACIB, BOB
13.02.2016 Zaporozhye, САС
. Darikar Temptation - CAC, BOS
6.12.2015. Kiev., CACIB. Starpom Zest Selection - CAC, CACIB. Darikar Temptation - CAC, R.CACIB.
5.12.2015. Kiev Nacionality Cup.
Darikar Temptation - Best opposit sex, Ch Club. Starpom Zest Selection - КЧК.
27.04.2014 Kiev, CACIB.
Our new star at the age of 9 months, nicknamed Darikar Only me, on his first show in Kiev won the title of best young bitches - Winner Young Famale.
27.04.2014, Kiev Nacionality.
Young bitch of our breeding Darikar Posh, 10 months - Best Young famele, JCh of Ukraina, Young Winner of Ukraina. We are proud of our girls!
Kiev. Championship pedigree Ukrainian Club.
Darikar Pie Pie - winner of the class Champion, CAC
Darikar Corvette - open class winner, CAC
Starpom Zest Selection - class winner inter - media, CAC
08.09.2013 Simferopol - CACIB - pomeranian spitz Starpom Zest Selection - CAC, CACIB. Pomeranian Darikar Pie-Pie -CAC, R.CACIB
07.09.2013 Simferopol - CACIB - great success at the exhibition in the Crimea: Starpom Zest Selection - CAC, CACIB. Champion class winner Darikar Pie-Pie -CAC, R.CACIB
07.07.2013 Poltava - CACIB Very elegant young girl Darikar Cerera -CAC, R CACIB.
06.07.2013 Poltava - CACIB - pomeranian spitz Starpom Zest Selection - J CAC.Pomeranian Darikar Corvette CAC, CACIB, BOB.
12.05.2013 Dnerp - CAС - pomeranian spitz Starpom Deep Emotion -open class CAC UA.
05.05.2013 Sevastopol - CACIB -Spitz Pomeranian Darikar Corvette -CAC, CACIB. Pomeranian Starpom Zest Selection -best of breed: JCAC, BOB
04.05.2013 Sevastopol - CAC - pomeranian spitz Darikar Corvette -CAC, pomeranian spitz Starpom Zest Selection -best of breed: JCAC, BOB
07.07.2012Poltava - CACIB -Pug Darikar Tradition of Glorious are winners of intermediate class CAC UA
07.07.2012 Poltava - CACIB - beautiful representative of the breed Starpom Deep Emotion - open class winner CAC UA.
07.07.2012 Poltava - CACIB - pomeranian spitz Darikar Corvette -CAC, CACIB.
20.04 2012. Kiev - CACIB - pomeranian spitz Darikar Pie - Pie open class winner CAC UA
28.01. 2012г. Moscow - Russian championship - pomeranian spitz DARIKAR Pie Pie - 2 exl open class
10.12 2011г. Kiev - CACIB- another male of our kennel won his class in the main exhibition of Ukraine DARIKAR Darikar Cruiser Stern - CAC

05.06.2016. Dnepr CACIB
In order to prepare for the World Cup using exhibitions held in Dnipropetrovsk. Training was successful - CAC, CACIB, BOS.
Pomeranian kennel Darikar
09 10 2013 г. Photoshoot adult dogs Darikar nursery. Warm autumn weather, good mood, and as a consequence of beautiful pictures. Look at these beautiful animals! Dark color puppy coat at the age of 2.5 - 3 months, said that as an adult dog will have a bright orange color.
Pomeranian kennel Darikar Pomeranian kennel Darikar
Photoshoot two Pomeranian kennel Darikar. Very promising male with an interesting pedigree 10 months old. And Darikar Temptation before the trip to the World Cup.
Pomeranian kennel Darikar
Photos wonderful representative of the breed Pomeranian white color at the age of 3.5 months, the girl. You also have the opportunity to look at photos of the puppy in the whole period of growth and a set of hair.
Pomeranian kennel Darikar
Pomeranian kennel Darikar  
At what age can you buy a puppy in our kennel
People come to us for a puppy are very different. This is like a Pomeranian who is attracted to a pug. Each of them has its own arguments "for", and their expectations from the acquisition of dogs. Sometimes it's ....
  Pomeranian kennel Darikar  
What documents should have a puppy.
Pomeranian puppy or puppy pug can cause the most pleasant emotions. Small, defenseless with trusting eyes wide open cause we have a natural desire to take arms and cuddle. .....
  Pomeranian kennel Darikar  
Features of growth Pomeranian puppy
Little puppy Pomeranian - certainly incredibly cute, adorable, furry creature. As a rule, future buyers are starting to look for a .......
Pomeranian kennel Darikar We are preparing for the arrival of baby.
Acquiring a dog rather drastic decision that should be carefully thought out, because you get a new family member, not a toy, which at any moment can hide in the closet. Whatever the initial period of acclimatization in a new place for the puppy was successful, you will have to purchase a number of important things ....
Pomeranian kennel Darikar Raising a puppy - the first steps.
Dog Education begins at the very moment when the puppy comes home. I hope. that this puppy Pomeranian or pug. I also want to believe that you are fully aware of how small and defenseless puppies need .....
Pomeranian kennel Darikar Choosing pellets
Granulated dog food is considered to be the most convenient for feeding. And it's true, keep in a dry place, measure the right amount every day and no worries. But whether it is actually easy and safe ......
Pomeranian kennel Darikar Possible colors Pomeranians.
The variety of colors in the dog breed Pomeranian can create some putannitsa and cause trouble, even among experts. And it is quite difficult for a breeder is to assume the future color Pomeranian puppy. Because when young puppies Pomeranian ....
Pomeranian kennel Darikar Questions for which you need to answer before you buy a puppy.
This article is written to help those people who are looking for a good and competent advice before buying a puppy. Our nursery is engaged in cultivation of two remarkable breeds of dogs, this pomeranian and pug. With extensive experience / over 30 years / .....
Pomeranian kennel Darikar Do need whether walking the dogs.
Do we need a daily walk with the dog? This question is often asked by people contemplating buying a puppy dog decorative rocks. From this part of the issue is caused by a desire to avoid the dangers that may await us while walking on the busy streets of our cities. Yet most people .....
Pug kennel Darikar Pomeranian or pug - dog characters, as the characteristic of the breed.
In this article I want to talk about the spirit dogs. About the most important part - the type of higher nervous activity. Now you can select a dog, both in size and appearance and temperament.
Pomeranian kennel Darikar Feeding Pomeranian
The first question that comes from the new owners of a puppy Pomeranian - a feeding. I in this article I will give advice on a balanced diet, we have adopted in the kennel. When a small puppy .....
Pomeranian kennel Darikar Caring for an old dog.
Unfortunately, the dog's age is not long, and really want to prolong the happiness to be near her beloved four-legged friend. Modern nutritionists animal vaccine quality, modern diagnostic methods allow to extend the lifetime of a few years ......
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